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Meet Dr. David Budaj

‘’I’m passionate about what I do. I want to heal the whole person.”

Inspired By My Herbalist Grandmother

West Bloomfield Chiropractor Dr. David Budaj

Dr. David Budaj

When Dr. Budaj was a child, he had chronic bronchitis. His medical doctor said he’d be crippled from this his entire life. His grandmother, who was an herbalist, was convinced she could prove the doctor wrong with alternative healing. She took her time with herbs and steaming treatments, and within two years, Dr. Budaj was perfectly healthy with absolutely no problems. “This formed my future. I loved what she did and developed a desire to help others as my grandmother did. My exposure to alternative, holistic medicine is embedded in me.”

‘My focus is on treating the person with the illness,
not the illness itself.”
– Dr. Budaj

A Complete Education

Dr. Budaj first attended Komensky University School of Medicine in Bratislava, Slovakia, completing his Doctor of Medicine degree and graduating Summa Cum Laude. While there, he worked in physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well as holistic medicine, as most European medical doctors do.

When he moved to the U.S., he received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, continuing his education in natural medicine.

‘’Chiropractic focuses on our nervous system which regulates everything in our bodies. When we have an optimally functioning nervous system, we have true healing.”

As a physician, Dr. Budaj has always searched for alternative forms of treatment in order to maximize improvement of his patient’s health. He has expanded his medical knowledge of chiropractic and other holistic forms such as nutrition, homeopathy, and herbology to help them achieve better health.


Being a Part of Our Community

Dr. Budaj holds regular public education workshops both in and out of the office to bring greater health knowledge to the West Bloomfield community. As a member of the Michigan Wellness Council of Oakland County, Dr. Budaj holds workshops to teach about lifestyle, nutrition, and injury prevention.

He’s also a lecturer for the Work Safe program sponsored by the government of Michigan, helping to prevent work-related illness and increase productivity, held in various area organizations.

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Budaj loves sports and visits the gym every day. He has three children, and as a family, they enjoy outdoor activities such as tennis, golf, kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking.

I’d love to show you all that chiropractic can do for you, even when you might think that hope is gone. Give us a call today! (248) 626-0001