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West Bloomfield Chiropractor: A Holistic Wellness Practice

Bloomfield Wellness Clinic – Uses Whole-Person Approach

West Bloomfield Wellness Office

West Bloomfield Wellness Office

West Bloomfield chiropractor, Dr. David Budaj has been in practice since 1983. With over 31 years of combined medical, chiropractic and nutritional expertise he continually searches for alternative forms of treatment to help maximize improvement of his patient’s health.

At Bloomfield Wellness Clinic our whole person health and wellness approach to chiropractic makes amazing changes in our patients’ lives. We addresses your health problems by taking a complete look at your lifestyle and how we can help improve it to give you back your body’s full function. No matter what health concern you have, Dr. Budaj will work with you to find solutions.

‘’I love people, and I love to see them get healthy.”—Dr. Budaj

A Functional Approach to Care

Our chiropractic care is focused around the principle of Functional Medicine . Through this, we take a look at your diet, overall nutrition, and lifestyle to see how these factors interact and affect your life. By studying you as an individual, we’ll assess your needs and develop a plan to bring you the best possible health. We’ll use several types of medical testing, combining both Western and alternative medicines to detect and identify the cause of your problems, and make an individualized plan that will work for you to reach your health goals.

Your West Bloomfield Township Chiropractor, Eliminating Problems to Improve Your Life

When you’re in pain, it’s just a symptom of the root cause, which is interference happening in your body. Chiropractic regulates your nervous system, which is the body’s internal control system. By ensuring that we remove any interference with your nervous system, your underlying problem is truly eliminated. Through chiropractic combined with our nutrition program, further complemented by our cold laser therapy, we’ll efficiently and effectively help your body to heal and bring you to optimal health. Call today and schedule a free consultation to see if we can help you with our whole-body approach to health! (248) 626-0001

Bloomfield Wellness Clinic | Serving Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Townships